Choose from 5-day camps or 3-hour workshops designed for kids 5-16 years old.

For kids 5-6


Tiny Techies 1: Take Off with Beebot, littleBits & Scratch Junior

Mini coders rejoice! It’s time to get groovy programming BeeBot, coding your own animation with Scratch Jr

Tiny Techies 2: Fly High with Beebot & Scratch Junior

Dive deeper into Tangible Programming, Beebot & Scratch Jr. Kids reinforce & build on the concepts learnt in Tiny Techies 1 & let their creativity fly!

Curious Cubs: Explore the Wonders of Tech

Explore a series of 4 immersive experiences geared at inspiring & engaging kids about tech!

For kids 7-9, 10-13


Start with Scratch: Adventures In Time

Harness the power of the Scratch block and help ancient civilizations complete exciting quests with code!

Prehistoric Predators_2x1
Prehistoric Predators: Into the Wild World of Tech

Go back in time and be inspired by the first creatures to walk the Earth - dinosaurs!

Become a Rock Star Code DJ

Assemble your computer & code up your own music, animations & art to be a Rock Star Code DJ!

GAME ON! Scratch Masters Design Your Own Game

Explore the intricate art of game design and development to take your games to a whole new level with Scratch!

Mod & Hack 3D Games with Minecraft & Kodu

Mod your own Minecraft game & Control your own Kodu game with Micro:bit

Code & Invent with Micro:bit Block Editor

Learn to code with code blocks & invent actual gadgets with your own micro-computer!

Bring Your Lego to Life with Code

Construct your own mechanical marvel & program it to move!

Paint in 3D with Tilt Brush by Google

Create your own virtual world with the Oculus Rift!

Kano Quest: Animate Farm Friends with Code

Draw and animate your favourite farm critters with code and use motion sensors to make them come alive!

build robopet 3hr course cover
Build A Robo-pet

Build your own robot pet with our new Hummingbird Robotics kits!

For kids 10-16


Back to Basics: From Zeroes to Python Heroes

Build a solid foundation of hardware & software with Pi-top & Python!

Puzzle Out with Python Programming

Learn how to code in the language Dropbox, Google and Instagram were built on - Python Programming

Mobile Madness! Make your Magical App

Learn to design and code your own mobile app & see it live on your phone!

python 3
Python Pros! The Curious Mission to Mars

Discover the complexity of space communication and code a simple Mars Rover simulator just like the pros at NASA – with Python programming!

Mobile Madness 2! Design an App that Matters

Explore the possibilities of apps and take app development to a whole new level with MIT App Inventor!