Choose from 16-hour courses or 3-hour workshops designed for kids 5-16 years old.

For kids 5-6


Tiny Techies 1: Take Off with Beebot, littleBits & Scratch Junior

Mini coders rejoice! It’s time to get groovy programming BeeBot, coding your own animation with Scratch Jr

Tiny Techies 2: Fly High with Beebot & Scratch Junior

Dive deeper into Tangible Programming, Beebot & Scratch Jr. Kids reinforce & build on the concepts learnt in Tiny Techies 1 & let their creativity fly!

Curious Cubs: Explore the Wonders of Tech

Explore a series of 4 immersive experiences geared at inspiring & engaging kids about tech!

For kids 7-9, 10-13


Start with Scratch: Adventures In Time

Harness the power of the Scratch block and help ancient civilizations complete exciting quests with code!

marvelous-machines-mechanisms2:1 Ages 7-13no-logo
Marvelous Machines & Mechanisms

Introductory Robotics & Engineering course that's all FUN and no suck!

GAME ON! Scratch Masters Design Your Own Game

Explore the intricate art of game design and development to take your games to a whole new level with Scratch!

Become a Rock Star Code DJ

Assemble your computer & code up your own music, animations & art to be a Rock Star Code DJ!

Mod & Hack 3D Games with Minecraft & Kodu

Mod your own Minecraft game & Control your own Kodu game with Micro:bit

Code & Invent with Micro:bit Block Editor

Learn to code with code blocks & invent actual gadgets with your own micro-computer!

Bring Your Lego to Life with Code

Construct your own mechanical marvel & program it to move!

Paint in 3D with Tilt Brush by Google

Create your own virtual world with the Oculus Rift!

Kano Quest: Animate Farm Friends with Code

Draw and animate your favourite farm critters with code and use motion sensors to make them come alive!

Saturday Kids Animate with Scratch
Animate with Scratch: Bear's Journey Home

An exposure to the basics of Scratch and animations to help Bear to reach home

For kids 10-16


Back to Basics: From Zeroes to Python Heroes

Build a solid foundation of hardware & software with Pi-top & Python!

Puzzle Out with Python Programming

Learn how to code in the language Dropbox, Google and Instagram were built on - Python Programming

python 3
Python Pros! The Curious Mission to Mars

Discover the complexity of space communication and code a simple Mars Rover simulator just like the pros at NASA – with Python programming!

Mobile Madness! Make your Magical App

Learn to design and code your own mobile app & see it live on your phone!

Mobile Madness 2! Design an App that Matters

Explore the possibilities of apps and take app development to a whole new level with MIT App Inventor!