Code Meets World 1, Part A: Simple Landing Page

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Course Summary

Learning outcomes:

This course is an intermediate coding bootcamp, focused on the creative application of web technologies  (HTML, CSS, Github and to develop a personal landing page. Kids will learn to apply web design and development tools to their own portfolio and wiki pages, to kick start a journey to establish their online presence.

No prior programming experience is required.

  • Suitable for Ages: 11-14
  • Completes in: 8 hours in 4 weeks
  • Class Size of: 6 (1:6 teacher student ratio)
  • Price: SGD295 (U.P.) SGD265 (E.B. Special)

Upon completion of the course, the student would receive

  • A digital certificate of completion of the course
  • Video presentation of projects created by student

All About the Course

In this 4-week introductory module, kids dive into the world of web-based technologies as they get their hands dirty with HTML, CSS and explore the universe of Github and more.

We start off by learning about the Internet, from how clients and servers play a part to how information is able to travel through it. The kids will be able to explain what a client, server and DNS servers are. They will be able to understand what happens when a search is run on They are then briefly introduced to GitHub and, in preparation for their project.

Combining these knowledge with their newly acquired skills with web development and styling tools, kids will then engage their creativity in a personal project to build their personal wiki and portfolio site, to wrap up this module on the world wide web.

Life skills you'll learn

Design Thinking
Logical Thinking
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving

Focus of the course

Course Outline By Day

Format: In-person, at a Saturday Kids location.

Duration: 4 weeks, 1 day a week.

Here are what kids will be learning to create during the days of the course:

What if?

Should government regulations advise against in-person classes, this camp will be shifted online in an abridged 2h/day format. Students will receive an email with instructions for the online class.


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