Tots & Tech 1, Part B: Animated Portrait in Scratchjr

Let’s set off on a 4-week coding adventure, where your little ones get started on their coding journey with tech!

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Course Summary

Learning outcomes:

What do you do, what do you get, what do you need?

In this bootcamp for beginner preschoolers, they’ll be learning to build their own games & animations in Scratch Junior on the iPad. They’ll wrap up this bootcamp series by creating an animated story of their own, using multiple backdrops. Along the way, kids will also learn about the importance of teamwork and collaboration through these coding projects.

So let’s get creative with code and discover the wonders of tech – inventing the future starts right here with Tots & Tech: Playful Programming for Preschoolers.

No prior programming experience required.

  • Suitable for Ages: 5-6
  • Completes in: 8 hours in 4 weeks
  • Class Size of: 6 (1:6 teacher student ratio)
  • Price: SGD295 (U.P.) SGD265 (E.B. Special)

Upon completion of the course, the student would receive

  • A digital certificate of completion of the course
  • Video presentation of projects created by student

All About the Course

What is this course about?

Tots & Tech 1, Part B: Animated Portrait in Scratchjr’ is all about getting kids inspired and excited about the possibilities and wonders of tech.

In this beginner-friendly bootcamp, preschoolers are introduced to programming concepts, directional skills, math and more when they learn to code on the BeeBot and Scratch Jr.

Preschoolers will be tapping on their innate creativity and get inspired while learning:

  1. To apply directional movements commands, clear and event triggers on Scratch Junior.
  2. Explore and use the different motion commands while applying them to their project on Scratch Junior.
  3. To create, edit and delete the different sprites and backdrops.

This Bootcamp wraps up with preschoolers coming up with and creating their own game challenge.

And as they plan their commands for Beebot, they will also get to test and debug their programmed instructions.

Life skills you'll learn

Logical Thinking
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving

Focus of the course

Course Outline By Day

Format: In-person, at a Saturday Kids location.

Duration: 4 weeks, 1 day a week.

Here are what kids will be learning to create during the days of the course:

    1. To describe the different parts of the Scratch Interface (Stage, Sprite, Backdrop).
    2. To create, edit and delete sprites and backdrops.
    3. Use the backdrop, sprites, different motion blocks and event trigger to create a simple animation.
    4. To wrap it all up by creating an animated story using multiple backdrops.

What if?

Should government regulations advise against in-person classes, this camp will be shifted online in an abridged 2h/day format and replaced with the course, Curious Creatures: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Students will receive an email with instructions about the online class.


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