Coding the Impossible 0, Part B: Final Project in Scratch

Embark on a 4-week coding adventure in Coding the Impossible, Module 0 Part 2 as we further explore a well known block-based programming language, Scratch.

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Course Summary

Learning outcomes:

What do you do, what do you get, what do you need?

Embark on a 4-week coding adventure as we explore a well known block-based programming language, Scratch. It’s a coding language designed for young people, complete with a simple and colourful visual interface that is sure to excite.

During each day, kids will be picking up a new function & concept from Scratch, and learn to create a brand new coding project while deploying that concept.

Throughout this bootcamp series, kids will have the chance to create their own digital stories, code creative animations and program heart-racing games – all done within the intuitive Scratch platform.

By the end, kids walk away with a strong foundational knowledge of Scratch, ready to empower the world with their new creations. Join us for our 4-week bootcamp and let’s explore the fullest potential of Scratch programming

  • Suitable for Ages: 7-10
  • Completes in: 8 hours in 4 weeks
  • Class Size of: 6 (1:6 teacher student ratio)
  • Price: SGD295 (U.P.) SGD265 (E.B. Special)

Upon completion of the course, the student would receive

  • A digital certificate of completion of the course
  • Video presentation of projects created by student

All About the Course

What is this course about?

‘Coding the Impossible: Foundations in Block-based Code, Module 0, Part B’ is a continuation of the introductory course into the world of programming for kids, designed with Saturday Kids’ unique pedagogy.

Kids will first get comfortable with the Scratch platform interface, where all the coding magic happens. Kids will be tapping on their innate creativity and get inspired while learning:

  1. To recap what they’ve previously learnt in Part A.
  2. To identify when to deploy the ‘clone’ and ‘repeat until’ code blocks.
  3. To understand Game Design theories and concepts, and learn to deploy them in their final project.
  4. To independently build and complete a final project of their choice.

The course also wraps up with kids brainstorming, creating and presenting their final project to the class. Along the way, they will also learn to articulate and learn crucial presentation skills that will benefit them later in their learning journey.

Life skills you'll learn

Logical Thinking
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving

Focus of the course

Course Outline By Day

Format: In-person, at a Saturday Kids location.

Duration: 4 weeks, once a week.

Here are what kids will be learning to create during the days of the course:

  1. A Nerf Gun Challenge Project Part 1.
  2. A Nerf Gun Challenge Project Part 1.
  3. A Final Project of their choice.

What if?

Should government regulations advise against in-person classes, this camp will be shifted online in an abridged 2h/day format. Students will receive an email with instructions about the online class.


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