Tots & Tech 2, Part A

Let’s set off on a 4-week coding adventure, where your little ones get started on their coding journey with tech!

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Course Summary

Learning outcomes:

‘Tots & Tech: Playful Programming for Preschoolers’ is all about getting kids inspired and excited about the possibilities and wonders of tech.

In this follow up bootcamp, preschoolers will learn to apply their knowledge of ScratchJr and create more complex games. They will also reinforce concepts of sequencing, debugging and loops through the use of Sammy the Sandwich robot

They build on their critical thinking and literacy skills with Scratch Jr and Sammy the Robot by learning to:

  1. Apply the concept of Broadcast in a game
  2. Design and program a two-level maze game
  3. Plan and execute complex code sequences

This Bootcamp wraps up with preschoolers coming up and creating their own maze game and inspiring them to explore the world of games further.

The stuff you’ll learn:

  1. Discover the more possibilities on Scratch Jr
  2. Build on your child’s basic numeracy and literacy skills.
  3. Learn how to build and program Sammy the Robot

  • Suitable for Ages: 5-6
  • Completes in: 8 hours in 4 weeks
  • Class Size of: 6 (1:6 teacher student ratio)
  • Price: SGD295 (U.P.) SGD265 (E.B. Special)

Upon completion of the course, the student would receive

  • A digital certificate of completion of the course
  • Video presentation of projects created by student

All About the Course

Let’s continue our coding adventure!

In this follow-up bootcamp for preschoolers, they’ll be building on top of their existing knowledge of ScratchJr and create a maze game. They’ll learn the concept of Broadcast and how to apply it in a game environment. This bootcamp series also introduces Sammy the Sandwich robot, and kids will get acquainted with Sammy and friends while programming them to reach various goals!

Play to Learn with Sammy

Through unplugged activities, we leverage the power of kinesthetic learning to channel that energy towards a play-based approach to learning about the world of tech. With the help of their new friend, the award-winning Sammy the Robot, kids get building and programming together to help him overcome challenges and perform quests on Code Island.

Weaving in construction with concepts like sequencing – kids learn about programming concepts hands-on. With content interspersed with play, teamwork and inquiry, there’s never a dull moment on Code Island.

Along the way, kids will also learn about the importance of teamwork and collaboration as they work with their friends to build Sammy and navigate Sammy’s world!

Life skills you'll learn

Logical Thinking
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving

Focus of the course

Course Outline By Day

Format: In-person, at a Saturday Kids location.

Duration: 4 weeks, 1 day a week.

Here are what kids will be learning to create during the days of the course:

1. To describe and apply the concept of Broadcast
2. Analysing and understanding visual instructions to build Sammy the robot
3. To wrap it all up by creating a maze game using multiple sprites.

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