Weekly Classes

Weekly tech classes and year-long structured programmes for the next generation of thinkers and tech innovators. Designed to inspire kids to use technology to create a better future.

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Tots & Tech: Playful Programming

Ages 5-6

Tots & Tech: Playful Programming

Through off-screen activities and some on-screen coding, preschoolers discover the workings of the digital world while following their curiosity, having fun, and developing a fearless approach to learning.

Young Inventors: Curiosity Meets Code

Ages 7-8

Young Inventors: Curiosity Meets Code

Using a combination of hardware and software, young learners get hands-on and connect the dots across physical and virtual elements of tech, building out their ideas and inventing the future!

Master Innovators: Create With Tech

Ages 9-10

Master Innovators: Create With Tech

Harness the potential of your child's creative ability and ignite their interest in learning by using tech as an expressive medium! Watch them turn their thoughts into action as they become creators in their own right.

Tech Changemakers: Impact & Purpose

Ages 11-12

Tech Changemakers: Impact & Purpose

Students deepen their expertise in tech skills while also building a portfolio of projects that solve real-world issues, making this course suitable for various Direct School Admission pathways.

FutureReady: Think In Tech

Ages 13-14

FutureReady: Think In Tech

Using industry-standard languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to build websites and apps, students start thinking like tech professionals and gear their minds towards being future-ready.


1.5-2h per week

8 weeks of carefully crafted curriculum per term for a holistic tech education, with 4 terms a year

1:6 ratio

Classes are held in-person in small groups to optimise for learner engagement


Real world outcomes through project-based, applied learning

What your child will learn


  • Broad-based exposure and literacy across a wide variety of tech domains
  • Mastery of technical concepts and skillsets such as coding and robotics
  • How to apply learnings in class to creatively solve real world problems
  • Thinking critically about social issues and challenges
  • Developing an innovator’s mindset shaped for growth
  • Creating awesome tech projects they’ll be psyched to share with family and friends!

Rebecca, Parent

"The instructor was engaging, class was just the right size, my son learned something new and most of all, he had a great time! Kudos to the Saturday Kids team for developing and rolling out the concept to where it is now. Iโ€™m happy to see that it has grown to include multiple locations and more varied programmes."

Samantha, Parent

"This week my kid showed me what he created for his first lesson, beaming with pride. We are happy that he is learning things related to environment sustainability with applied coding. Thank you for this amazing opportunity for E to have so much fun while learning to care for the world he is inheriting."

Vikram, Parent

โ€œMy son has always wanted to program his own computer game. It's his interest in this that we made the decision to enrol him in this class. No regrets as after the final lesson, he proudly showed us his project!โ€


Donโ€™t see your favourite course here at a time or location that works for you? Fear not โ€“ shoot us an email or give us a ring at +65 9051 8727 to figure out an arrangement for your curious kid!