Outdoor Experiences

Learning doesn’t only take place in the classrooms. As a tech school for kids, we recognise the importance of disconnecting with devices and connecting with nature so that our young learners can become better systems thinkers, drawing insights from how ecosystems work in nature and bring those learnings back to tech ecosystems for their inventions.

Uncover the many wonders the world has to offer, and turn everyday life into your child’s classroom with our specially curated range of experiential learning programmes! 🌎

Unplugged: Ubud, Bali (Kids Programme)

Ages 6-12

Unplugged: Ubud, Bali (Kids Programme)

Go unplugged with us in Ubud, Bali for a different kind of vacation! This nature-based programme is designed to cultivate curiosity, immerse in cultures and learn more about how to protect the environment that we live in and depend on.

Unplugged: Karuizawa, Japan

Ages 6-12

Unplugged: Karuizawa, Japan

Unplugged returns to Karuizawa, Japan! From Japanese shower climbing to learning about biomimicry, kids will get to explore forests and rivers, overcome obstacle courses and build new friendships with kids of different nationalities!

Unplugged: Ubud, Bali (Parents Programme)

Ages 13 and up

Unplugged: Ubud, Bali (Parents Programme)

Specially designed for parents to create meaningful memories with your kids while they learn about nature and the world that they’re inheriting. Build shared experiences and bond over a unique family holiday that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!



Disconnect from screens and learn how things work in a tech-less environment


Immersive learning journeys to develop well-rounded, lateral thinkers


Learn from Mother Earth and nurture responsible global citizens

What your child will learn


  • Understanding how tech ecosystems are not all that different from the very ecosystems that nature has put in place
  • Cultivating a habit of being curious, asking questions and being a lifelong learner
  • Appreciating the privileges that their relatively sheltered life has afforded them
  • Developing sensitivity and awareness to the world beyond themselves
  • Seeing the world with a wider lens and that there’s a whole world out there for them to discover!

Michelle, Parent

"He really had a lot of fun being in the great outdoors! But beyond the fun and games, what's more important is that he has gained a newfound understanding and respect for nature."

Nicole, Parent

"My twins had a blast and were flat out every day. They speak fondly of time spent catching butterflies, playing catching, dipping their feet at the chilly waterfalls, finding twigs in the forest, AND they absolutely loved sweeping the campsite!"

John, Parent

"My kids had a great time going unplugged in Karuizawa during the camp – catching (and releasing) tadpoles, making new friends, and learning about their place in the great outdoors!"


Don’t see your favourite course here at a time or location that works for you? Fear not – shoot us an email or give us a ring at +65 9051 8727 to figure out an arrangement for your curious kid!

Ages 6-12

19 Jun - 23 Jun (Mon - Fri)
9:00am - 3:00pm

Unplugged: Karuizawa, Japan

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