Tiny Explorers: Return to Code Island!

Are you ready for the next chapter of your journey on Code Island? Buckle up because it’s going to be a wild ride, as we learn more advanced coding concepts to help the inhabitants of the island solve their problems!

  • For ages 5-6
  • 16h Course (Holiday Camp)
  • 1:6 Instructor:Student Ratio
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For Ages 5-6

Are you ready for the next chapter of your journey on Code Island? Buckle up because it’s going to be a wild ride, as we learn more advanced coding concepts to help the inhabitants of the island solve their problems!  

    • Suitable follow on course to Tots and Tech 2; Cross-listed as Tiny Travellers 2
    • Explore more advanced possibilities of code and robotics tangibly with Sammy the Robot, and through block-based code via Hopscotch
    • An advanced course for preschoolers to deepen their knowledge of computational thinking and programming
    • Prepares preschoolers to take on more advanced block-based programming in Scratch

All you need to know

Hold on to your hats as we venture deeper into Code Island!

In the next chapter of your coding adventure, we will review all we’ve learned about coding and technology from our familiar friend, Sammy the Sandwich, and gain exposure to advanced programming concepts.

Applying their knowledge from Tiny Travellers: Adventures on Code Island, preschoolers will befriend the diverse inhabitants of Code Island, and use their coding superpowers to help them solve their problems.

This time, learn how to program robots using gears and mechanisms. Use code to programme your robots to play different sounds and display various lights!

Delving deeper into advanced programming concepts like Conditionals, Variables and Functions, make good on your programming knowledge to see how you might be able to lend a helping hand to the population of Code Island.

Afterwards, transit from tangible programming to the Hopscotch coding platform for kids, where you’ll code up games you’ll have a blast playin’ with your friends and family!

By the end of class, kids will not only have made a new robot friend, but will also have created their own animations or games that others can enjoy. And they’ll be all set to take on the more complex and more exciting world of block-based programming with Scratch, which they’ll get a peek into in Tots & Tech 4.

Oh! The stuff you'll learn

  • More advanced coding, building, and robotics through a synergistic, thematic combination of tangible and on-screen activities
  • Inspire confidence and familiarity with code by applying programming concepts with Hopscotch and Sammy the Robot
  • Apply your programming knowledge to solve problems for the residents of Code Island
  • Code up an animation of game for your friends and family on Hopscotch

Life skills you'll learn

Creative Confidence
Logical Thinking
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving


No lectures. No memorisation. No ONE right answer. Like real life, we're all about trying things out yourself, failing, figuring what went wrong & trying again. These are the skills & mindset that will last a lifetime and how we learn in real life. Let's get kids to learn how to learn. Because the kids who learn to learn become curious, inventive, resourceful human beings who solve real world problems to make a meaningful impact.

Parents love us

The happiest hours of your child's week

"This is the first time I signed my children up for the course. They enjoyed it and asked to go back again. The teacher has been patient and friendly with the kids to make the class a fun learning place."

"Both kids clearly enjoyed the camp and want to go back for more camps! The teacher led presentation at the end was a nice summary of their learnings."

"Hannah had fun. My other kids have gone for other coding camps but they like Saturday Kids best."

Peek into our classrooms

Have a look behind the scenes

Your kid will love it

If your kid doesn't think it's the best thing ever after attending the first 2 days of holiday camps (or first 3 weeks of term classes), and would like to withdraw, we'll issue you a 50% credit note of the amount paid.

  • 1:6 Maximum Instructor-Student Ratio
  • All equipment & materials provided
  • Open source tools: Continue the learning at home!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this course suitable for?

This class is designed for kids ages 5-6 who have completed either Tots & Tech 2 or Tiny Travellers 1, our 5-day introductory holiday camp for preschoolers.

2. My child is younger than 5. Can he / she join?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to accommodate kids under the age of 5.

3. I’ve enrolled my child, what will he/she need to bring?

We’ll provide all equipment and materials, but you may want to bring a jacket and light snacks in case they get hungry.

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