Let code colour up your holiday!

When coding becomes your paintbrush & you’re the artist, what will you create with your canvas? 👩🏻‍🎨

At our holiday coding camps, we let kids explore the possibilities of technology through their own creative expression.
As curiosity, enthusiasm & playfulness come together, learning becomes much more exciting – allowing kids to pick up new skills effortlessly.

Join us this school holidays to escape into the world of creative coding where kids express themselves through technology & let code colour up their world! ✨


Dates: 21 Nov to 30 Dec 2022 (Monday to Friday)
Format: 5-day camps, 3 hours/day
Locations: Orchard Central / Bukit Timah Plaza / Agora Colearning

Creative Coding Courses for Kids Ages 5-14

Whether your kid is beginner or seasoned kid coder, our play-based creative coding camps are designed to inspire every kid to harness the power of tech to create a better future.

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