Just for friends of Saturday Kids and Code in the Community,

We’re teaming up with Code Chrysalis – a coding bootcamp based in Tokyo, Japan – to offer a special promo for those of you who are looking to get serious about coding as a career.

As their programme goes online, we’re psyched to share that instructors and volunteers can save 15% off registration fees, but first let us share why we believe in what they do, and what makes their bootcamp different from others out there.

(As a disclaimer: We’ve known the folks from Code Chrysalis for years now  and we do not get a monetary cut from course fees.)

  • Beyond just programming, their online curriculum centers around developing full-stack software engineering skills, modern software engineering best practices, and important soft skills.
  • They emphasise building community, mentorship, and the learning and professional outcomes of their students. Which brings us to the next point…
  • Code Chrysalis is the only coding school in Japan – and one of only two in Asia – to be accredited by the Council of Integrity in Results Reporting, which commits them to rigorous standards in reporting graduation statistics and programme outcomes.
  • Bootcamp graduates have the option of participating in an immersion programme in Tokyo, where they can meet other engineers, present their ideas, and build their confidence!

If you’re curious about Code Chrysalis and their mission, check out our interview with co-founder and CEO Kani Munidasa here on our blog.

Save 15% when you sign up for Code Chrysalis’ Foundations and Foundations Lite bootcamp using the promo code SATURDAYKIDS.

Find out more here!