Our Work

Google SG50 Shophouse Design Thinking x Scratch Programming Workshops

We had 90 children between ages of 7-12 imagine themselves in this scenario: "You are an inventor from the future living on planet Google. People are growing older and feeling more lonely and helpless than ever. " The kids brainstormed solutions for planet Google’s ageing population problem and coded their creative ideas into an animation using Scratch.

IDA [email protected] 2015 Design Thinking x Scratch Programming Workshops

We taught kids how to code for a hackathon! 125 children worked together to ideate and create 25 brilliant animations and presentations for this scenario: Imagine and design the classroom of 2050

Google x UN Women Scratch Day 2014

We celebrate Scratch Day with friends! 25 kids from all over Singapore learnt how to code with the awesome folks from Google, UN Women and Saturday Kids! Children coded their own animations with Scratch programming and meet new friends at the Google Office Singapore!

Crescent Girls School 3D Printing and 3D Design

Over 100 secondary three girls learnt 3D Design and 3D printing over their post-exam break. and got a hands on experience modeling a 3D object which was printed and received

ISS International School Magical Light Button Electronics Course

Using a breadboard and simple electronic components such as resistors and LED lights, we got fifteen 7-8 year old students tinkering with electronics in order to understand how the on/off switch works.

National Library Board 3D Printing Workshop

From witnessing how 3D printers work, to learning about how to conceptualise and design 3 dimensional forms, we got kids excited to create and watch their ideas grow from sketch to reality.

Mendaki Council for Muslim Community Subsidised Scratch Workshop

For Yayasan Mendaki (Council for the Development of Singapore Malay/Muslim Community), whose programmes largely target the bottom 30% of the Malay/Muslim population, Saturday Kids subsidised the cost of attending a coding workshop for twenty five 9-13 year olds.

Archifest 2015 ‘What Future’ Scratch x Design Thinking

Scenario: "Imagine you’re an architect and you’ve been asked by the city’s mayor to solve some of the residents’ problems. Interview the residents, sketch a solution, and programme an animation of your invention using Scratch." 40 little architects participated in this design thinking challenge at the Archifest Festival Village.

Cognizant Digital Works Imagine Our Future World Design Thinking

Singapore was selected as one of five cities across the world to engage in exercises to imagine our future world. Saturday Kids worked with the Cognizant team to understand how tweens and teens envision using technology and interacting with devices to navigate their future world.