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Go behind the scenes of our coding courses for kids, get to know our instructors, and peek into the creative chaos of our classrooms.

Celebrate with Play – Make Every Day a Saturday this Year-end Holiday

As we approach the close of 2020 - the year no one planned for - we're running year-end camps a little differently. Beyond the play-based creative coding classes you already know (and love), here's what to expect this November and December school holiday.

#Classroom #Community #Impact Coding for KidsSchool Holidays

Let’s Talk about Course Progression

With up to 20 coding courses for kids ages 5-14, where should your child start? Here's our guide to choosing the right coding camp for your curious kid.

#Classroom Coding for KidsLearning Roadmap

A glimpse into the world of preteens

"Curiosity was our common ground. I was curious about their world, and they were curious about mechanisms."

#Classroom #Kids CuriosityPreteensReflections

How we designed Code Meets World collaboratively and completely remotely

We were about to start designing Code Meets World when COVID-19 blew up, and the product design process shifted online by necessity. Here's how we did it, and some takeaways from our experience.

#Classroom Behind the ScenesCode Meets WorldRemote

Introducing Code Meets World: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Tech and Impact

We created Code Meets World for kids to take on the questions and problems that matter. Introducing our ambitious new interdisciplinary programme at the intersection of tech and impact.

#Classroom #Impact Applied CodingBehind the ScenesCode Meets World