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Go behind the scenes of our coding courses for kids, get to know our instructors, and peek into the creative chaos of our classrooms.

Going Back to Basics: What Kids Learn through Programming with Python

Most programming courses usually stop at teaching kids how to write code in a certain language. But our introductory Python course goes a step further by introducing computational thinking concepts and the context in which kids learn them. Beyond Python programming, kids learn about the possibilities and applications of Python in the real world.

#Classroom Behind the ScenesComputational ThinkingPython Programming
Saturday Kids Start with Scratch

Start Your Child’s Coding Adventure with Scratch!

The sheer number of options can seem a little overwhelming, but we always encourage our parents to start their kid's coding adventure with Scratch.

#Classroom Behind the ScenesCoding for KidsStart with Scratch

Behind the Scenes: Let’s Take It One Straw At A Time

A behind the scenes look at our latest course, Marvelous Machines and Mechanisms. Build your own machine with Strawbees and then program it with a Quirkbot!

#Classroom Behind the ScenesEngineeringMarvellous Machines and MechanismsRobotics

Coding for Preschoolers – a peek into Bees & Bubs: Buzz with Beebot and ScratchJr

#Classroom BeebotScratch

Celebrate with Play – Make Every Day a Saturday this Year-end Holiday

As we approach the close of 2020 - the year no one planned for - we're running year-end camps a little differently. Beyond the play-based creative coding classes you already know (and love), here's what to expect this November and December school holiday.

#Classroom #Community #Impact Coding for KidsSchool Holidays