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#Future of Education

Why We Decided to Homeschool Our Kid: A Parent’s Perspective

Instead of going back to school this year, we decided to take our son out of local school, to be homeschooled for the foreseeable future. Here's how and why it all started.

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The Kids of CITCx on What They Learned through an Interdisciplinary Approach to Coding

The curricula curated for CITCx - interdisciplinary tech scholarships for Code in the Community graduates - departs from traditional subject-based learning by synergising different disciplines. For many kids, CITx was their first taste of coding through the lens of science. Read on to find out what that was like!

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Saturday Kids conversations: Placing kids at the center of education in a VUCA world

We recently co-hosted a conversation on the topic of education for a visiting group of graduate students from Stanford University. Here are 3 of our key takeaways.

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Unlearning Learning - Conversations about Learning Environments

Unlearning Learning

Thoughts on what an alternative approach to education might look like in the future, and how it could inform the design of the learning environment.

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the future of education

The Future of Education

Thoughts on the future of education in Singapore and how we can all do our bit to bring forth the changes we want to see.

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