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Meet the curious kids who inspire us with their coding superpowers and then some.

5 fun-filled ways for kids to play this March holiday

Hello, holidays! Parents - we've got you covered. Here are our suggestions for keeping kids curious in a time of COVID-19.

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Learning beyond gender and stereotypes: Notes from the classroom

The gender balance in the classroom is a topic close to our heart - the fact that coding classes almost always have more boys than girls doesn't go unnoticed. We don't have a quick fix or straightforward answers, but here's where we are on this.

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When Kid Coders met Robots at the Kid-Powered Workshop 2019: Meet Code in the Community Alumni Yi Kai and Sanjit

Go behind the scenes of the first VEX Robotics Kid-Powered workshop - which aims to create a more inclusive robotics community - and meet two of our youngest roboticists!

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Kids of Saturday Kids: Quinten Buwalda – a 12 year old coder with big dreams and a big heart!

Meet Quinten - a 12 year old Saturday Kids alumnus who inspires us with his coding superpowers and his dreams to use his skills for good.

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Teaching Kids about Artificial Intelligence

Hear from our Chief Tinkerer about how we can prepare our very youngest innovators - our kids - to understand and use artificial intelligence.

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