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Practicing What We Preach: My Journey as a Curriculum Developer at Saturday Kids

The idea that you could make a living teaching children to talk to computers sounded laughable a couple of decades ago. But that's exactly what I've been doing for the past 2.5 years.

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Meet the Team: #SGUnited Trainee Amelia on Embracing Vulnerability in the Workplace

What's it like starting a new job in the midst of a pandemic? SG United trainee and graphic designer Amelia shares about her first 6 months at Saturday Kids, and what she's learned about vulnerability in the workplace.

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Meet our #CodeintheCommunity Volunteers – Melody Yun: “I treat the computer like a 5-year old kid”

Get to know the change-makers behind Code in the Community - Singapore's largest free coding programme for disadvantaged kids. Meet Melody, an undergrad passionate about STEM education as a means of meta-learning, and using her skills to give back.

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Rediscover What it Means to Play, Online – What to Expect this Summer at Saturday Kids

We've redesigning our coding camps for kids to go online this Summer (deja vu, anyone?) - because we want kids to have an awesome experience learning to code, and we won't settle for anything less. Find out what this looks like.

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Moms of Saturday Kids: Carol on Applied Learning for the Real World

Meet the Moms of Saturday Kids! Our community is made of amazing women (and men) - here's Carol, an advocate for hands-on learning and a progressive parent who shares about the power of applied learning.

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