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Moms of Saturday Kids: Gina on Raising a Kind Kid Comfortable in their Own Skin

Every day is Mother's Day, and we can't overlook the role of the women who do so much of the work to raise the curious kids we love spending time and launching rockets with. In the first part of this series, meet Gina who shares about raising a kind kid who's comfortable in their own skin.

#Community Friends of Saturday KidsMother's DayParenting

Getting to 50%: Gender, Diversity, and the Future of Tech

Beyond selling out camps or exceeding commercial targets, our more ambitious goal is to reach (at least) 50% female representation in our classrooms- because there's no reason to aim for anything less.

#Community International Women's DayWomen in Tech

Why We Decided to Homeschool Our Kid: A Parent’s Perspective

Instead of going back to school this year, we decided to take our son out of local school, to be homeschooled for the foreseeable future. Here's how and why it all started.

#Community #Pedagogy Future of EducationGalileo XPHomeschooling

Meet the Team: Instructors Damar and Pichamon on Redefining Learning Inside and Beyond the Classroom

At Saturday Kids, we've lucked out with multi-talented instructors with an infectious curiosity about the world and a passion for inspiring kids through tech. Meet Damar and Pichamon who share how and why they juggle a plethora of interests, responsibilities, and opportunities beyond the classroom.

#Community Learning to LearnMeet the TeamRocket Launchers

Beyond Learning to Code: What Aspiring Software Engineers should know

Knowing how to code opens doors, but it's a common misconception that all you need to be succeed in tech is the ability to programme. Hear all about it from Yan and Kani, co-founders of coding bootcamp Code Chrysalis.

#Community Code ChrysalisCode to LearnSoftware Engineering