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#Learning to Learn

The More We Learn Together – What Rocket Launcher Fongyee Learned about Learning at the School of Machines

The struggles and joys of learning are similar for kids and adults. But it turns out, we've got lots to learn from kids about letting go and starting over.

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impact of artificial intelligence and big data on kids SK

How Should Kids Learn in a World of ArtificiaI Intelligence and Big Data?

To be robot-proof in an era of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data is more about teaching kids to stay human, not conforming.

#Community #Pedagogy Future of LearningLearning to LearnVivienne Ming

Saturday Kids in Cambodia: Coding Cats and the need to keep kids curious

It's difficult being a curious kid - Coding Cats instructor Kosoma shares her story of growing up in Cambodia and how she hopes to change education.

#Community #Impact CambodiaCoding CatsCuriosityLearning to Learn

Saturday Kids conversations: Placing kids at the center of education in a VUCA world

We recently co-hosted a conversation on the topic of education for a visiting group of graduate students from Stanford University. Here are 3 of our key takeaways.

#Community #Pedagogy Future of EducationLearning to LearnOpinionPotato Productions

Why Failure Is Not Always a Bad Thing

Failure happens to all of us. What can we learn from the Montessori method about learning from failure and developing a healthy relationship with it?

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