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CITC Fieldtrip to LionsBot: “Discovery Comes from Experiences like this”

CITC Fieldtrips are about getting kids excited about the world of tech and the future of work - something they can't get from a traditional classroom experience. Here's a postcard from our CITC grads' first fieldtrip to robotics cleaning company Lionsbot.

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Pay Attention and Be Curious: What happens when Code Meets World

The questions of the future demand an interdisciplinary approach. Through Code Meets World, we hoped to point kids towards using tech to explore big questions through web-based technologies and project-based learning. It felt like an open-ended adventure - read on to hear from the kids.

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Leave No Child Behind: The Gender Divide in Digital Skills and Why it Matters

A primer on the why, what, and how about getting more girls and women in tech. Here's the lowdown on the gender divide in digital skills, and what educators can do about it.

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Meet our #CodeintheCommunity Volunteers – Michael Grey: “Programming is a modern form of literacy, valuable for exercising anywhere”

Meet Code in the Community volunteer Michael Grey who shares about his path combining software engineering, robotics - and education - to contribute to a more ethical tech industry.

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Meet our #CodeintheCommunity Volunteers – Nurin Hasha: “I love teaching because I love learning”

Get to know the change-makers behind Code in the Community! Meet Nurin, a twenty year old volunteer who taught herself to code with Scratch, and who's passionate about keeping kids curious as lifelong learners.

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