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The Kids of CITCx on What They Learned through an Interdisciplinary Approach to Coding

The curricula curated for CITCx - interdisciplinary tech scholarships for Code in the Community graduates - departs from traditional subject-based learning by synergising different disciplines. For many kids, CITx was their first taste of coding through the lens of science. Read on to find out what that was like!

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Saturday Kids at 8: An Impact-driven social enterprise creating access and opportunity in digital literacy

What started as a coding school for kids has evolved into an impact-driven social enterprise dedicated to access and opportunity for kids via digital literacy.

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Why Code in the Community? Using Education and Technology to Change the World

Technology can widen the gap, but we see the potential to use it as an equalizer. What we do at Code in the Community all goes back to our mission of inspiring every child to become a curious, self-directed learner.

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Kids of Saturday Kids: Quinten Buwalda – a 12 year old coder with big dreams and a big heart!

Meet Quinten - a 12 year old Saturday Kids alumnus who inspires us with his coding superpowers and his dreams to use his skills for good.

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“I am a Saturday Kid. Not a worker.” – Momo on education, community and impact

No children deserve to be left behind. Hear from Rocket Launcher Momo about how community, education and impact are intrinsically intertwined.

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