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Saturday Kids Start with Scratch

Start Your Child’s Coding Adventure with Scratch!

The sheer number of options can seem a little overwhelming, but we always encourage our parents to start their kid's coding adventure with Scratch.

#Classroom Behind the ScenesCoding for KidsStart with Scratch

Celebrate with Play – Make Every Day a Saturday this Year-end Holiday

As we approach the close of 2020 - the year no one planned for - we're running year-end camps a little differently. Beyond the play-based creative coding classes you already know (and love), here's what to expect this November and December school holiday.

#Classroom #Community #Impact Coding for KidsSchool Holidays

Let’s Talk about Course Progression: Choosing a Coding Camp for your Kid

With up to 20 coding courses for kids ages 5-14, where should your child start? Here's our guide to choosing the right coding camp for your curious kid.

#Classroom Coding for KidsLearning Roadmap

Teaching Kids about Artificial Intelligence

Hear from our Chief Tinkerer about how we can prepare our very youngest innovators - our kids - to understand and use artificial intelligence.

#Community #Kids AI for KidsCoding for KidsPostcards from a Creative Coder

From App Users to App Architects – What Kids Learn When They Make Their Own App

In this cross-platform app-making course, kids apply empathy and human-centered design to the creative process of coding their own mobile app.

#Classroom Behind the ScenesCoding for KidsMake Your Own App