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Saturday Kids goes to ISTE 2018

June 20, 2018

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As we conclude Week 4 of our holiday camps this week (summer camps continue through to Aug 3), a couple of us (John, Shawn, Nicole and Justin) will be heading to the US for a little learning field trip – for the first time as a team.

Our first stop is Chicago where the ISTE conference is held from June 23-27. ISTE is recognised globally as the most comprehensive educational technology conference in the world, and for more than three decades, educators and education leaders have gathered to engage in hands-on learning, exchange ideas and network with like-minded thinkers seeking to transform learning and teaching. Our curriculum has benefitted from previous visits to similar conferences such as BETT (held in London), which has led to the introduction of a few of our new courses e.g. Robot Safari, Back to Basics and Become a Rockstar Code DJ. Beyond curriculum design, we are keen to identify ways on how we can innovate in the delivery of our classes and experiences.

Following the conference, we’ll continue on to San Francisco to spend time with our partners there to work on something exciting which we’ll be launching later this year. We’ll also take the opportunity to visit a few other schools and spaces that are doing amazing work in the field of education.

Innovation and collaboration are key to what we do at Saturday Kids. With this trip, we hope we’ll bring back lots of inspiration and to translate the learnings to something meaningful to our Saturday Kids community here in Singapore.

Join us behind the scenes over the next 2 weeks as we share our journey on Facebook and Instagram. If you know of any interesting people or places that we should connect with / visit, or has a specific topic that you want us to look into while we are there, drop us a note at [email protected]

(Featured image source: ISTE Facebook Page)

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