Digital STEAM Learning for Kids ages 3-7

We’re teaming up with Marco Polo Learning to offer parents a fun-packed, fieldtested option to keep preschoolers occupied while learning and having a blast!

Like Saturday Kids, Marco Polo was started by regular parents who realised that the interactive educational tools they sought for their own kids didn’t exist.

A few years down the road, the app for mobile and tablet has won numerous awards (including an Emmy!), with curriculum designed by big kids with PHDs in Early Childhood Education. Packed with thousands of video lessons and learning games, new content is added every week, so kids never exhaust the wonders of STEAM.

We think it’s pretty awesome, but how about actual preschoolers?

“Today was my first time in Marco Polo World School. I learned that some animals like to copy other animals. It’s fun! Next, I want to learn about dinosaurs.”
– Ella, 4

“I’ve tried some of the science parts – it was all new stuff that I haven’t learnt in school yet, but it was fun and fast to learn!”
– Emmo, 6

Try it out, pay it forward. 

Just for Saturday Kids parents, try out the app on mobile or tablet for free for 14 days right here!

Because we all know how early childhood education is fundamental for lifelong learning and success, we’re paying it forward to families going through difficult times:

For every family that purchases an annual subscription, we’ll gift another annual subscription to a low-income family in Singapore.

These trying times are even tougher for families from disadvantaged backgrounds; we’re hopeful that providing impactful STEAM early childhood education will not only keep energetic preschoolers occupied, but set them up a little bit better for their future.

Click here to get started!