About Code In The Community

At Saturday Kids we believe in the importance of digital literacy education for every kid and providing them the tools to navigate an unpredictable future.

Multi-year STEM programme sponsored by Google

Together with Google & the Chinese Development Assistance Council, Singapore Indian Development Association, The Eurasian Association and Yayasan Mendaki, we’re holding free Scratch and Python classes for kids from lower-income families, aged 8 to 15. Over 3 years, we’re enabling 3000 young Singaporeans from under-privileged backgrounds to harness the potential of technology to power their future.

The next run of Code in the Community commences 17 August 2019! Registration is now open for both volunteers and kids!

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Awesome partners we work with
Infocomm Media Development Authority
Yayasan Mendaki
Chinese Development Assistance Council
Eurasian Association