A place where kids come to play, tinker, share ideas & bring them to life.

At Saturday Kids Hatchery, kids come together to practise their coding knowledge, share skills with fellow classmates and work on projects to actualize their urge to invent something to make this world a better place!

Our dedicated team will work alongside these kids to question their motives, work through their roadblocks and mentor them so they can go beyond what they have planned – nurturing their ideas & providing support so that they can pitch & potentially get their ideas to take off in the real world.

Together with global learning program Galileo, Hatchery brings a true learning experience for kids to play & shoot for the stars?

Saturday Kids Hatchery

Our Classrooms

Hatchery Bukit Timah

Hatchery Bukit Timah
Bukit Timah

Get onboard Saturday Kids Hatchery at Bukit Timah Plaza

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Hatchery East Coast

Hatchery East Coast
East Coast

Get onboard Saturday Kids Hatchery at Parkway Centre

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Saturday Kids Hatchery nurture kids' potential and inspire them to make meaningful impact for the future.

Relaxing & Creative Spurring Environment ?

All good things take time – including growth, development and mastery. Kids have so much potential, but this needs to be nurtured in a safe environment so they can flourish and their unique superpowers can emerge.

High-touch, personalised learning ?

As time progresses, we’ll get to know your kids better and personalise their learning experience – all in the name of more impactful learning outcomes for them.

Play-based pedagogy ?

Kids shouldn’t have to make the choice between learning and play. At Hatchery, they’ll get the best of both worlds through play-based learning that combining the benefits of structure and progression and the joys of play.

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“This week my kid showed me what he created for his first lesson, beaming with pride. He also woke up early on Sunday morning to do his ‘homework’ for the 2nd lesson. We are happy that he is learning things related to environment sustainability with applied coding. Thank you for this amazing opportunity for E to have so much fun while learning to care for the world he is inheriting.”

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Galileo is an innovative online global school where students can choose what to learn and which skills they’ll need to thrive in the 21st Century. Learn more about their core philosophy here.