We love teaching kids and letting them engage meaningfully with technology. We’ve seen the many amazing things kids can come up with! We want kids to have a chance to use technology as a tool to express their creativity, think critically, solve problems and along the way discover what they’re passionate about. We are a team of teachers, anthropologist, geeks, programmers, product designers, mummies, daddies and changemakers at heart. We’ve seen how creativity, technology, and design are being used by people around the world to solve humanity’s problems and impact people’s lives, and we think – why not start our kids young?

Meet The Team

John Tan, CEO

John wanted to be a footballer but somehow ended up running a technology school for children. As CEO, he oversees course development, recruitment, and overall organisation strategy. John is an active tech investor in Singapore and in the US. His portfolio includes Chope, Redmart, Ninja Van and more than a dozen Y Combinator startups. He is a mentor at JFDI. He enjoys meeting tech entrepreneurs and helping them get their startup from 1 to 100.
John has 4 young children, the eldest of whom started programming when he was 5. John intends to put all his kids through Saturday Kids’ programmes and secretly hopes at least one will end up in technology. John holds a BSc in Economics from University College London.

Adeline Setiawan, Chief Creative Officer

Adeline is an anthropologist and kid #1 at Saturday Kids. She and the team of Changemakers play with the tech, tinker, and cook up the special sauce to the #SaturdayKidsHaveMoreFun programmes. Adeline believes that creativity and tech can be meaningful tools for kids to solve problems in the world if only we trusted kids to find the problems. She has been programming, designing, imagining, and building with kids since 2012.
Adeline also produces documentaries and is co-founder and Design Director of FabCafe Singapore.

Urvi Doshi, Head of Business Development

Urvi is excited about inspiring kids to believe that they can be creators; that they can build with technology; that they can shape the world they live in. As head of business development at Saturday Kids, she wants to grow the reach of a different kind of education across Singapore and beyond. Prior to Saturday Kids, Urvi worked in management consulting at Accenture, followed by business and product development roles in Social Enterprises across Asia and Africa. With experience in corporates, start-ups and NGOs, she is excited about the many opportunities for collaboration across such organisations. She is keen to develop unique and mutually beneficial partnerships for business and the community.

Meet Our Friends

Folks we call on to inspire our students and for advice on curriculum
Loo Ting Yu, Dev at Heart

TY has always been fascinated with technology since a young age. He believes that it plays a huge part in making the world a better place to live, and be in. The World Wide Web is where TY started his journey as a creator. Since then, he has also developed on multiple platforms using different languages. Having benefited from technology, he hopes that the next generation will be equipped with the skills to change how things work. That is why he joined Saturday Kids as a technology consultant; to play a part in grooming the next creators of technology.
A developer at heart, he is passionate about creating and sharing his ideas. TY graduated with Bachelors of Science in Information Systems Management from Singapore Management University.

Thomas Gorissen, Organiser, JSConf

Thomas is a web developer who was one of the first software engineers at Redmart. He was the first employee at Adz Central (audience marketplace for South East Asia) and the head of platform and developer evangelism at Temasys (developer tool for WebRTC). Thomas is a mentor at startup accelerator JFDI and the organiser of JSConf, Southeast Asia's most influential web/mobile developer conference. Thomas is currently in San Francisco building the engineering team at MagicBus, a super convenient bus service for commuters he and John invested in.
He has a Bachelor in Information and Communication Technologies from Fontys (Netherlands).

Loic Bistuer, Core developer, Django Project

Loic is a core team member of the Django Project, a volunteer organisation that manages the development of the Django framework, its ecosystem and its community. Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Loic discovered Django in 2008 shortly before the 1.0 release and has been hooked ever since. He contributes mostly to Django’s ORM and Form components.
He has Master of Engineering (Telecommunications Engineering) from RMIT.

Shubham Goyal, CTO, Holmusk

Shubham Goyal is the 21 year old CTO and co-founder of healthcare big data startup Holmusk. At the age of 16, Shubham became the youngest ever visiting researcher at Imperial College London. At 17, he founded his first startup, Tabzine. Shubham is a research scientist at NUS, part time lecturer for SMU’s big data and cloud computing post graduate programme, and a renowned speaker in the data science area.

Shaun Chong, CTO, Ninja Van

Shaun is the CTO of Ninja Van, a last mile delivery service that John is on the board of. Prior to Ninja Van, Shaun was an engineer at cloud solutions provider Nubefy. Shaun was previously a Teaching Assistant at NUS, selected by Faculty of School of Computing to conduct tutorial classes on ecommerce and programming methodology.
He has a Bachelor in Computer Science from National University of Singapore.

Jeremi Joslin, Group CTO, 8Common

Jeremi is the Group CTO of 8Common, an Australia listed enterprise software company. Prior to 8Common, Jeremi was the founder of Collabspot, a company building integration between CRM software & email John invested in. Earlier in his career, he worked as Product Manager for different enterprise software startups, totalling over 8 years delivering enterprise software.
Jeremi has organised multiple events, e.g. the first Barcamp and OpenSocial Hackathon in Vietnam and has spoken at multiple conferences around the world: JavaPolis, GTUG Shanghai, Google DevFest in SEAsia.