If you’re passionate about technology education and are great with kids, we’ll love to talk to you! Saturday Kids has a team of awesome instructors who love showing kids cool stuff they can do with technology.

We admire smart, independent workers with great music taste. To all you weird and wonderful people, send us your CV, a line of code/ poem/ song/ rap/ something, and a short description about yourself. We’ll get in touch.

We are always looking for amazing freelance instructors. Come talk to us!



Available Positions


Curriculum Developer/In-House Tinkerer

The role of the full-time Curriculum Developer/In-House Tinkerer at Saturday Kids is to design digital literacy courses and build learning tools (hardware and/or software) that help kids to become more curious, inventive and resourceful.

Job Description:
  • Design and deliver digital literacy workshops that inspire children and make them curious about technology
  • Design and build education tools (hardware and/or software) that help children learn programming, electronics and robotics
  • Improve design and delivery of course content based on classroom observations and feedback from instructors, parents and students
  • Personalise each child’s learning journey based on the child’s interest and learning pace
Skills & Requirements:
  • Scratch, Python, Ruby, Javascript, Javascript, Processing, Swift, C, C++ (not necessary to have experience coding in all these languages, but technical ability is a must)
  • Experience tinkering with microprocessors, microcontrollers, PCBs
  • Ability to learn independently and quickly fill knowledge gaps, especially with regards to new technologies and platforms
  • Strong portfolio of software/hardware projects
  • Knowledge in product development is a plus
  • Experience working with children is a plus


Full-Time/Freelance Instructor

The role of an instructor at Saturday Kids is to deliver digital literacy courses and workshops that transform kids into self-motivated learners who are curious, inventive and resourceful.

The commitment required from a Freelance Instructor can be as short as delivering a 2 hour workshop. If you’re interested in helping kids please just get in touch and we’ll figure out a way to accommodate your commitment level.

Job Description:
  • Be trained in Saturday Kids pedagogy
  • Deliver courses and workshops
  • Most importantly, inspire students to learn how to learn  
Skills & Requirements:

We look for these attributes and skills in the instructors we work with but you don’t need to know everything. The most important requirement is a passion for kids and education.

  • Familiarity with pedagogy, teaching methods and education innovation is a plus
  • Familiarity with design thinking and human-centered design is a plus
  • Design skills (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop) and UI/UX experience is a plus
  • Technical ability (Scratch, Python, Ruby, Javascript, Processing, Swift) is a big plus
  • Experience working with children, particularly in a classroom setting, is a big plus



Interested in helping out at Saturday Kids but not ready to lead a class? Volunteer with us! We are on a mission to impact as many kids as possible, and recently announced the Code in the Community project in partnership with Google and 21C Girls to give 3,000 disadvantaged children access to coding classes.

Volunteers are coached and mentored by the Saturday Kids team before being put in the classroom to assist instructors. Volunteering with Saturday Kids provides opportunities to learn about education technology, digital literacy and startup life. Past volunteers have told us how much they learnt working with children, picking up important skills like empathy, patience and collaboration.



Interested in other roles at Saturday Kids? Email us at : [email protected]