Dear user,

Happy new year!

With the new year comes some new updates – starting from this year, the Doyobi learning platform will be transferred to our sister brand, Saturday Kids, to manage. This is because Saturday Kids, being a coding and tech school, is in a stronger position to further grow the capabilities and the content on the platform. Saturday Kids has already been managing the platform for a while, and we’re just making this an official switch in the branding of the platform. This means that the platform will reflect Saturday Kids instead of Doyobi on 18th Jan 2023, and the URL will be updated accordingly as well (with an automatic redirect should any users head to the previous URL).

What this means for you:
There are no changes to the content that you have access to, and there’s no action that you need to take on your end. The same support and offerings that you have signed up for will still be in place, and Saturday Kids will continue servicing your needs. 

Questions? No worries, reach out to us at: [email protected] Looking forward to a continued collaboration ahead!

Kind regards,
The Doyobi and Saturday Kids teams