littleBits Junior & Scratch Junior

Course Description

What if kids as young as four can create a circuit with a simple light and switch? Or program their own interactive stories and games?

littleBits are fun electronic modules that invite kids to get creative while learning. Like Lego, littleBits are small, simple, intuitive blocks that snap together with tiny magnets. ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that enables young children to use programming blocks to make characters move, jump, dance, sing and come to life.

Kids can make wonderfully complex projects with very little engineering knowledge. Learning about electronics has never been this fun!

At Saturday Kids we’ve created this course to give kids as young as four an introduction to electronics and programming. With littleBits, kids will learn how power, input and output bits work and experiment with different bits to come up with their own electronic inventions! With ScratchJr, children learn to solve problems and design projects, and develop sequencing skills that are foundational for later academic success.


By the end of this course, your child will be able to

  • Understand the basic concepts of electronic circuits
  • Get an introduction to inventing with electronics & come up with their own electronic invention
  • Learn how to create and express themselves with the computer
  • Use math and language in a meaningful and motivating context, supporting the development of early-childhood numeracy and literacy

The course fee includes a littleBits Base Kit worth $140 which your child can bring home. For more information on littleBits and ScratchJr, please visit and



Instructors at Saturday Kids are curious about design and technology. They come from diverse backgrounds such as psychology, design, business and computer science. They are not necessarily software engineers by training, but having taught themselves programming and electronics they believe computational thinking and digital literacy are basic skills every child needs.

Experiences Gained
littleBits Junior
1. What is littleBits?
Students are introduced to circuits and electronics via littleBits, an opensource library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun.

2. Build with littleBits
Students are familiarised with littleBits kits & are guided to start making stuff using the different modules.

3. Materials & planning
Students learn to combine littleBits modules with materials and understand how the constraints of mateials cost & budget affect their designs.

4. Build & Design their own Party Wearable
Students build & design their own party wearable with littleBits & present their inventions to the rest of the class.

Scratch Junior
1. Instructions, Sequencing, and an Introduction to ScratchJr
Students are introduced to two concepts that will create a foundation for understanding programming: instructions and sequencing.

2. Motion
Students learn how to create sequences of the same motion block (e.g. left, left, left). They will also learn to create sequences using a variety of different motion blocks (e.g. right, down, jump, go home).

3. Green Flag, End Block, Choosing Characters
Students learn how to incorporate the green flag and end blocks into their programs, and will also become familiar with how to program more than one character using the green flag.

4. Project Time!
Students use their creativity to create a game or animation, test and debug their code, and share their project with friends.

1. My child is new to electronics. Will he / she be able to follow?
The littleBits Junior & Scratch Junior course is an introductory course to electronics and programming, so no need to worry about that, we'll make sure that all students are following as we progress through the class.

2. I've enrolled my child, what will he/she need to bring?
We'll provide all materials. You might wish to bring a drink, some light snacks and a jacket just in case your child gets cold or hungry. We'll give the class breaks in between so your child can take that time to sip on some juice and munch on those yummy crackers!

3. Can my child bring his/her inventions home after class?
Absolutely. The course fee includes a littleBits Base Kit which your child can bring home.

Please note:
  • This workshop will proceed with a minimum of 6 students. We will inform you in advance if the workshop is cancelled.  Refunds will be made accordingly.
  • We will be filming and taking photographs of the children in our workshop. By registering a child's attendance at this workshop, parents/guardians grant Saturday Kids a perpetual licence to use the student's work, photographs or videos of the student, and other materials for purposes such as publicising or promoting our workshops/events and the students’ accomplishments on Saturday Kids' website or on our partners' websites.

Course Info

Age 5-6
Fee (8 hours) $450
Fee includes littleBits Base Kit worth $140 which your child can bring home
Requirements None
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