Change the way you see the world with code.

Like you, we’re not strangers to the gloomy news out there. But what we’ve also seen is how tech is making a difference in our lives, now more than ever. From tech-driven healthcare solutions, to helping us connect with our loved ones while apart, crowdsourcing donations and distributing essential resources – we’re all experiencing the impact of code on our lives.

It’s kids who will own and invent the future, so why not start now? This Summer, we’re bringing some of our most popular coding camps for kids online and into your home, so that kids can explore their curiosities, get creative with the potential of tech, and learn how they might use code to make a real change in the world.

Even while they’re cooped up at home, they’ll discover how just a bit of code can lead to a huge shift in perspective.

Dates: 15 June – 28 August 2020
Classes for kids ages 7-14: 8 and 4 day online camps (2 hours a day, with screen breaks)
Classes for ages kids 5-6: 5 day online camps (45 minutes a day)
Introductory price: S$530 (Regular price: S$590) for 8 day camps | S$280 (Regular price: S$300) for 4 day camps | $165 for 5 day Preschooler camps
All classes will be held via Zoom and will be capped at 6 kids per class.

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For beginners and seasoned kid coders – have a blast while learning to code from home.

Resources for Parents

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