Code Your Own Adventure this September Holiday.

Join us in the classroom this holiday for a curious coding adventure! Together, we’ll discover your child’s creative coding superpowers, and get them inspired to build a brighter future with tech.

At Saturday Kids, our mission doesn’t stop at teaching kids to code; we’re here to inspire them to create a better future. And that starts with play, because that’s the best way kids learn the skills – hard and soft – that really matter.

Playing for the future starts here.

Dates: September 6 – 10, 2021
Format: 5-Day Camps
Location: Bukit Timah Plaza, Orchard Central & Parkway Centre

Coding Camps for Kids Ages 5-14

Whether your kid is beginner or seasoned kid coder, our play-based creative coding camps are designed to encourage curiosity and self-directed learning. Don’t just learn to code – code to learn. ?

Resources for Curious Parents

New to Saturday Kids? Curious about our digital literacy roadmap for kids? Dive into our resources for curious parents!

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