For Kids aged 7-13

What if kids can create their own piggy bank which buzzes when they save a coin? Or a toy dinosaur that flashes its eyes when someone’s about to enter the room? We challenge kids to put their inventive skills and creativity to the test. Are they up for some crazy inventing?

  • No experience necessary
  • Inventing with the award winning littleBits electronics kit
  • Learn effective problem solving skills with Design Thinking
  • Invent anytime, anywhere: Bring home a whole set of littleBits!

All you need to know

These are littleBits.

littleBits x Design Thinking Torchlight - Saturday Kids

They’re fun electronic modules that invite kids to get creative while learning. Just like Lego, littleBits are small, simple, intuitive blocks that snap together with tiny magnets.


Within every kid lies an inner little inventor. With the power to build from imagination, kids gain creative confidence and curiosity to build awesome inventions like this:

It’s no wonder littleBits has taken the world by storm, winning multiple awards.

littleBits Awards

But it’s more than just understanding how electronics work & building cool inventions.

It’s about inventing with a purpose and that’s where Design Thinking comes in. Design Thinking is a problem solving technique that tackles how we face issues by thinking from the perspective of users. By encouraging kids to invent for the people around them, we hope to inspire them to grow up and become more empathetic people.

After all, isn’t that the key to making the world a better place?

Oh! The stuff you'll learn

Broken down into concepts for MAXIMUM learnin'
  1. What’s littleBits & Design Thinking
  2. Prototype your invention
  3. How different materials work
  4. Build & Design Functional Party Wearables
  5. Show & Present!

Life skills you'll learn

Skills that last a lifetime
Design Thinking
Logical Thinking
Presentation Skills


Saturday Kids don't learn to code. They code to learn.

No lectures. No memorisation. No ONE right answer. Like real life, we're all about trying things out yourself, failing, figuring what went wrong & trying again. These are the skills & mindset that will last a lifetime and how we learn in real life. Let's get kids to learn how to learn. Because the kids who learn to learn become curious, inventive, resourceful human beings who solve real world problems to make a meaningful impact.

Parents love us

Children from our camp enjoyed themselves exploring and learning what the different animation tools could do for them. They were particularly excited to see their own creations come alive.

I've been meaning to write to you to let you know that my son loved his workshop with Saturday Kids in June and I will be enrolling my daughter too for the beginners course that you are doing in October

It is wonderful to hear their enthusiasm and excitement when they talk about their Scratch classes, the words epic and awesome are frequently used!

Your kid will love it.

If your kid doesn't think it's the best thing ever after the attending the first 2 days, we'll issue you a credit note for 50% of the course fee. No questions asked.

  • 1:6 Maximum Instructor-Student Ratio
  • All equipment & materials provided
  • Open source tools: Continue the learning at home!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My child is new to electronics and design thinking. Will he / she be able to follow?

The littleBits Electronics and Design Thinking course is an introductory course, so no need to worry about that, we’ll make sure that all students are following as we progress through the class.


2. I’ve enrolled my child, what will he/she need to bring?

We’ll provide all equipment and materials, but you may want to bring a jacket and light snacks in case he/she gets hungry. If your child is joining the full day camp, we recommend bringing packed lunches.


3. Can my child bring his/her inventions home after class?

Absolutely. The course fee includes a set of littleBits modules which your child can bring home.