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The Kids of CITCx on What They Learned through an Interdisciplinary Approach to Coding

The curricula curated for CITCx - interdisciplinary tech scholarships for Code in the Community graduates - departs from traditional subject-based learning by synergising different disciplines. For many kids, CITx was their first taste of coding through the lens of science. Read on to find out what that was like!

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Beyond Learning to Code: What Aspiring Software Engineers should know

Knowing how to code opens doors, but it's a common misconception that all you need to be succeed in tech is the ability to programme. Hear all about it from Yan and Kani, co-founders of coding bootcamp Code Chrysalis.

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Friends of Saturday Kids: Yao Yao on overcoming the odds and coding to learn

From her first encounter with code at the age of 5 in China, Yao Yao's curiosity and grit helped her find her way as a female and immigrant in tech in the USA.

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#CodeintheCommunity: When we teach kids how to code, what do they learn, really?

At Saturday Kids, we’re convinced that digital literacy is not an end in itself but a means to make kids more curious, inventive, and resourceful. Here are some common threads we pulled out from conversations with the beneficiaries of the #codeinthecommunity program.

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The 3 Things We Believe In At Saturday Kids

It’s the end of the year, holiday camps have just ended and it’s time to take a backseat and reflect. Here are the 3 most important things we believe in.

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