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#Code in the Community

When Kid Coders met Robots at the Kid-Powered Workshop 2019: Meet Code in the Community Alumni Yi Kai and Sanjit

Go behind the scenes of the first VEX Robotics Kid-Powered workshop - which aims to create a more inclusive robotics community - and meet two of our youngest roboticists!

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What I Learned from Volunteering with Code in the Community: Hear from Big Kid Si Hui

Volunteers for Code in the Community don't have to look a certain way! First-time instructor, non-technical self-proclaimed social potato Si Hui shares her story.

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Meet Shreya & Michael, the social impact squad behind Code in the Community

Meet the Code in the Community team on a mission to bridge the digital literacy gap by getting under-privileged kids excited about the potential of tech.

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#CodeintheCommunity: When we teach kids how to code, what do they learn, really?

At Saturday Kids, we’re convinced that digital literacy is not an end in itself but a means to make kids more curious, inventive, and resourceful. Here are some common threads we pulled out from conversations with the beneficiaries of the #codeinthecommunity program.

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#CodeInTheCommunity: Meet (some of) our Superstar Volunteer Instructors

Hear from some of the people who made Code in the Community possible, and what drives them to use coding to make a medium to make an impact.

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