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How to choose the right coding course for your kid

April 21, 2018

#Classroom Coding for KidsLearning Roadmap

Dipping your toes in the seemingly scary waters of the programming world can be pretty daunting. But it’s far less intimidating than you think. At Saturday Kids, we value breadth as much as depth in our curriculum and recognise that there isn’t just one path to being curious, inventive and resourceful (or anything else for that matter really). Here’s a little guide we’ve created to help you navigate our courses and to find a suitable course for your child. 

  1. The Programming Newbies

    Start with Scratch: Adventures in Time 
    Recommended age group: 7-10
    Scratch is a great starting point for kids with no coding experience!  With its visual, block-based interface, new programmers can focus on learning the concepts of programming rather than having to type out actual lines of code.

    What kids can create in our Scratch classes: 
    Kids will travel back in time, use the power of code to help ancient civilisations complete quests and save the day. Kids’ll also build their own final project at the end that’ll address a real world problem that these civilisations faced.


  2. The Scratch Semi-Pros

    Game On! Scratch Masters Design Your Own Game
    Recommended age group: 7-10
    *Pre-requisite course: Start with Scratch: Adventures in Time
    For kiddos who’ve done a little Scratch programming there’s so much more they can do with their basic Scratch skills. Especially for those who love game making, Scratch can be used to make the most intricate and complex games too!

    What kids can create in our Game On! classes: 
    Kids will get to explore the art of game design and development by picking apart some of their all-time favourite games like Geometry Dash with our instructor.


  3. The Hands-On Learners

    For kids who learn best through building and making: we got 2 awesome courses for your kids to start their coding journey.

    Marvelous Machines & Mechanisms
    Recommended age group: 7-10 & 11-14 
    *Pre-requisite course: Start with Scratch: Adventures in Time for 7-10 year olds.
    Use straws to create incredible structures and combine it with the Quirkbot, a tiny computer to power your mechanisms!

    What kids can create in our Strawbee classes: 
    Build all sorts of mini-machines and code them to become your own little moving robot…with just straws!

    machines-robots (1)

    Back to Basics: Zeroes to Python Heroes 
    Recommended age group: 11-14
    *Pre-requisite course: Start with Scratch: Adventures in Time
    This one’s for the kids who love picking things apart! Your pathway to becoming a Python pro starts here.

    What kids can create in our Back to Basics classes: 
    Kids will learn fundamental computer science concepts, assemble a laptop and combine hardware and software programming.


    Make with Micro:bit & Python 
    Recommended age group: 11-14
    *Pre-requisite course:Back to Basics: From Zeroes to Python Heroes
    An introduction to the DIY movement & the art of Making with micro:bit & Python.

    What kids can create in our Make with Micro:bit classes:
    Kids will combine their knowledge of Python, the micro:bit and an ideation & planning framework to create their own micro:bit project.

    arc-reactor (1)


  4. The Next Groundbreakers in Tech

    Puzzle Out with Python Programming 
    Recommended age group: 11-14
    *Pre-requisite course: Back to Basics: Zeroes to Python Heroes
    Any aspiring Mark Zuckerbergs, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the building? Python is a great language to learn how to code like a real programmer with a text-based language. Not to mention Python’s the language that built Dropbox, Google and Instagram.What kids can create in our Puzzle Out with Python Programming classes: 
    Crack cryptographic puzzles with code, learn conditions and logic to code a scissors, paper, stone showdown with your computer and even run code that verifies information!image6

  5. The Inquisitive Preschoolers

    Mini coders rejoice! Let your kids channel all their whys in these camps. We have 2 courses to get your little ones started on their tech adventures.

    Tiny Techies 1: Take Off with Beebot, littleBits & Scratch Junior 
    Recommended age group: 5-6
    Discover the magic behind simple programming algorithms and build on basic numeracy and literacy skills.

    What kids can create in our Tiny Techies classes:
    Programme a robot to boogie, invent their own gadgets and gizmos, and code a game or animation on an iPad!

    coding course
    Curious Cubs: Explore the Wonders of Tech
    Recommended age group: 5-6
    Explore a series of 4 immersive on-screen and screen-free experiences geared at inspiring & engaging kids about tech. Get a sneak peek and hear what our curriculum developer for this course has to say about the benefits of coding for preschoolers here.

    What kids can create in our Curious Cub classes:
    Program a wooden robot to move, making their own cute pixel art keychains, build small toys with some squishy dough and simple electric circuitry and code on an iPad by snapping together programming blocks to create short animations.

    A Day in the Life of a Curious Cub

  6. The “I’ve got an app for that” Experts

    App Architects: Design & Code Your App
    Recommended age group: 7-13
    This one’s for the kids who are so savvy with their phones, they have an app (and an idea for an app) for almost every situation.

    What kids can create in our App Architect classes:
    Kids go from playing mindlessly on their phones to creating their own world-changing apps & improving lives with programming. Win. 


Ready to embark on this fun-filled journey? Check it out our latest schedule here!