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On Gratitude and Giving Back – Reflections on 2019 from John

Looking back on 2019, Saturday Kids founder, John, reflects on the opportunities we've been given, and how we seek to give back as a business.

#Community #Impact ReflectionsYear in Review

When Kid Coders met Robots at the Kid-Powered Workshop 2019: Meet Code in the Community Alumni Yi Kai and Sanjit

Go behind the scenes of the first VEX Robotics Kid-Powered workshop - which aims to create a more inclusive robotics community - and meet two of our youngest roboticists!

#Impact #Kids Code in the CommunityKids of Saturday KidsVEX Robotics

Kids of Saturday Kids: Quinten Buwalda – a 12 year old coder with big dreams and a big heart!

Meet Quinten - a 12 year old Saturday Kids alumnus who inspires us with his coding superpowers and his dreams to use his skills for good.

#Impact #Kids Kids of Saturday KidsTech for Good

What I Learned from Volunteering with Code in the Community: Hear from Big Kid Si Hui

Volunteers for Code in the Community don't have to look a certain way! First-time instructor, non-technical self-proclaimed social potato Si Hui shares her story.

#Community #Impact Big Kids We LoveCode in the CommunityVolunteering

The Push for Digital Literacy: Pursue Creativity, not Competition

We're reflecting on MOE's news about compulsory coding enrichment for kids, and adopting a broader perspective on ensuring this has a positive impact.

#Impact #Pedagogy Future of LearningOpinion