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Meet Shreya & Michael, the social impact squad behind Code in the Community

Meet the Code in the Community team on a mission to bridge the digital literacy gap by getting under-privileged kids excited about the potential of tech.

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Saturday Kids in Cambodia: Coding Cats and the need to keep kids curious

It's difficult being a curious kid - Coding Cats instructor Kosoma shares her story of growing up in Cambodia and how she hopes to change education.

#Community #Impact CambodiaCoding CatsCuriosityLearning to Learn

Saturday Kids goes to Cambodia! 5 things that inspired us from our fieldtrip to the +855

Find out what we learned and saw about education, digital literacy, tech, and impact during our field trip to Phnom Penh.

#Community #Impact Coding CatsCommunity DevelopmentTech for Good

How Art & Tech can Create an Inclusive Society: A perspective from big kid, Fong Yee

As an artist, how can I push the use of technology to empower kids to express themselves creatively, to tap on their inner light and imagination?

#Community #Impact Inclusive TechTech for Good

#CodeintheCommunity: When we teach kids how to code, what do they learn, really?

At Saturday Kids, we’re convinced that digital literacy is not an end in itself but a means to make kids more curious, inventive, and resourceful. Here are some common threads we pulled out from conversations with the beneficiaries of the #codeinthecommunity program.

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