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Adventures, insights and inspiration on education, technology, and business for good.

Friends of Saturday Kids: Abhishek on breaking bread, building community, and enabling strengths

Lots of us want to do good and impact under-privileged kids, but where do we start? Abhishek, a community worker and friend of Saturday Kids, shares lessons from his experience.

#Impact 6th SenseCommunity DevelopmentFriends of Saturday Kids

Why Code in the Community? Using Education and Technology to Change the World

Technology can widen the gap, but we see the potential to use it as an equalizer. What we do at Code in the Community all goes back to our mission of inspiring every child to become a curious, self-directed learner.

#Impact Code in the CommunityTech for Good

On Gratitude and Giving Back – Reflections on 2019 from John

Looking back on 2019, Saturday Kids founder, John, reflects on the opportunities we've been given, and how we seek to give back as a business.

#Community #Impact ReflectionsYear in Review

When Kid Coders met Robots at the Kid-Powered Workshop 2019: Meet Code in the Community Alumni Yi Kai and Sanjit

Go behind the scenes of the first VEX Robotics Kid-Powered workshop - which aims to create a more inclusive robotics community - and meet two of our youngest roboticists!

#Impact #Kids Code in the CommunityKids of Saturday KidsVEX Robotics

Kids of Saturday Kids: Quinten Buwalda – a 12 year old coder with big dreams and a big heart!

Meet Quinten - a 12 year old Saturday Kids alumnus who inspires us with his coding superpowers and his dreams to use his skills for good.

#Impact #Kids Kids of Saturday KidsTech for Good