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Articles by John

Why Code in the Community? Using Education and Technology to Change the World

Technology can widen the gap, but we see the potential to use it as an equalizer. What we do at Code in the Community all goes back to our mission of inspiring every child to become a curious, self-directed learner.

#Impact Code in the CommunityTech for Good

On Gratitude and Giving Back – Reflections on 2019 from John

Looking back on 2019, Saturday Kids founder, John, reflects on the opportunities we've been given, and how we seek to give back as a business.

#Community #Impact ReflectionsYear in Review

What’s going unplugged got to do with solving the world’s problems? A perspective on outdoor education from John

Going unplugged gives kids the space to develop the sensitivity, awareness and curiosity they'll need to take on the world's wicked problems.

#Community #Pedagogy CuriosityNatureSaturday Kids Unplugged

Happy Father’s Day: a reflection on Work, Family, and Multiple Intelligence from John

Many parents struggle with balancing work and life. Saturday Kids founder, John, is no exception - this Father's Day, he reflects on this journey.

#Community Father's DayParentingWork-Life Integration

The Evolution of Streaming, and What We Can Learn from School Of The Animals: A note from John

Hopefully, removing streaming creates multiple pathways for students to achieve success, and allows students to become curious, self-directed learners.

#Community Future of LearningOpinion